A Friday, Nov. 16, fire at a mobile home in the town of Plover claimed the life of one resident livi[...]
Changes in family dynamics often bring changes in traditions. Adjusting to those changes, while some[...]
Election campaigns may be over, but the campaigns for two fundraising efforts are now in full swing,[...]
A couple of weeks ago I did something I had never done before: I helped chaperone a field trip for m[...]
From the presidential race to that of county surveyor, Democratic candidates won all but one contest[...]
The Portage County Board of Supervisors Thursday, Nov. 1, unanimously passed the 2013 county budget.[...]
Remember the Bill Cosby-hosted show “Kids Say the Darndest Things”? I don’t remember many specifics [...]
Voters will go to the polls Tuesday, Nov. 6, to elect presidential, congressional, state and several[...]
One might think people who build a new home won’t have any house projects for at least a few years. [...]
While the state may have cut local funding for a program designed to prevent child abuse, county off[...]
Old habits die hard. New ones do, too. This week, after making myself a cup of coffee that included [...]
Public displays of affection, or as youngsters might call them – PDAs – are usually not well liked. [...]
If municipalities in Portage County want a county-wide joint dispatch center that includes the city [...]
Once upon a time I used to write movie reviews for The Gazette. And then they disappeared without an[...]
Getting an “A” in a graduate course at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point is easy compared to[...]
Organizers who spent the past year putting together the Local Indicators for Excellence (LIFE) repor[...]
A judge will determine Friday, Sept. 28, if enough evidence exists to put three Portage County resid[...]
I met someone last weekend who had just lost her cellphone in a toilet – actually a port-a-potty to [...]
It appears as though the 2012 presidential election has become all about what percentage one is. In [...]
Gertrude M. Bruening, 95, Milladore, died Saturday, Sept. 15, 2012, at Riverview Hospital in Wiscons[...]