I have always been a tomboy. I have never really been very excited about girly stuff, like having pr[...]
It’s been about a month in my new home now and I am proud to say I am unpacking the final boxes this[...]
I had an absolutely wonderful day last Saturday, and you probably had something to do with that. No [...]
For the last two weeks, our layout staffer has been on vacation. This means that yours truly is the [...]
Cellphones drive me nuts. In fact, this article might turn into a series because there are just so m[...]
Been out to eat lately? It’s gotten pretty expensive. Times are tough, and menus have been shrinking[...]
I am moving soon, and it’s probably the biggest move I have ever made in my life. It’s big because I[...]
My daily Zen calendar recently said something very interesting. “You carry heaven and hell with you.[...]
What the heck… has anyone noticed this? The other day I was waiting to pull out into traffic, [...]
This past weekend I decided to treat myself to a new purse. There are few things that can cheer a wo[...]
I have a confession to make. I eat fast food WAY too often for a person of my age. I try to do my be[...]