Well the Community Weight Race for 2014 has begun! Have you gotten your wristband yet? I tried this [...]
There are times when a simple question, seemingly innocuous in nature, can be the source of a great [...]
This weekend I took my own advice and decided to take some time and “smell the snow.” As I began my [...]
I’ve been thinking a lot about holidays lately and how they work. I touched on this a few weeks back[...]
You’re reading my column this week? Wow! How did you ever find the time? To tell you the truth, I’m [...]
I was running some errands after work on Thanksgiving Eve. Funny how some holidays have an eve and o[...]
Oh this weather. This dreadful weather. I love the seasons, I really do, but this in-between stuff j[...]
There is nothing quite like a road trip. Most of us couldn’t bear the thought of sitting together wi[...]
Sometimes I wonder about things. Things probably no one else really wonders about. But this is the m[...]
Well, the frenetic chaos of the show is over. Done are the days of rushing home from work to care fo[...]
It’s that time of year again. There’s a crispness in the air, the leaves have begun to change, and o[...]
Every once in awhile, while you are busy living your life and distracted by all the shiny, noisy stu[...]
People have been telling me for years to get lost, so I finally did. Just kidding. Actually I did so[...]
A few weekends ago, I spent an afternoon with some poky peddlers. Have you heard of them? It’s a nic[...]
What to talk about this week … let’s see. How about a tour of my crazy office? That should be [...]
School is starting soon, and for over a month now the stores have been stocked with school supplies.[...]
I hate to be the bearer of the news, but there are just a few weeks of summer left. Yes, I’m afraid [...]
If I was going to do this week’s column properly to make my point, it would be four columns of nothi[...]
Ever wonder what other people’s days are like? Ever wonder if your day is a typical one or not? Well[...]
These past two weekends I enjoyed watching some quality local entertainment. At least I tried my bes[...]