For someone like me, there’s just not enough windows in the world. I love to be outside – have since[...]
I celebrated a birthday last month and was remembered by a lot of people, and received many good wis[...]
Division Street was opened for business this past weekend after a few weeks of repairs and replaceme[...]
Well, the season of road construction is well under way in Stevens Point. I can hear the occasional [...]
Well, Thursday night was another interesting one at my house. I attempted to make a dessert for a pa[...]
At the far end of Mason Street in Stevens Point, you’ll find over 30 acres of doggie heaven that you[...]
Every once in awhile, when somebody is recognized for a job well done, as we humans seem very fond o[...]
This article might be a day late and a dollar short, but it’s just as well, because there is a small[...]
I went on a vacation a little while ago. It started as a conversation about getting away from the sn[...]
I had a really good time last night. Odd thing was, I was all by myself. Now before you let your ima[...]
Last week something really exciting happened to me. At least I think it did. I finally got my very f[...]
My daughter gets a kick out of coming over to my house after work every Tuesday night. That’s becaus[...]
This morning, before I opened my eyes, I noticed that something was different. It was a tiny sound t[...]
Buddhist philosophy states that we cause our own suffering, and it’s true. We have all sorts of assu[...]
I love snow. I truly love it. It makes me feel like a child every time I see it falling. But I’ve ha[...]
As some of you know, I have been getting shot in the head and dying on a regular basis for the last [...]
Bet you’re thinking, “Gee, I certainly hope not!” Sounds a little like something you might have to s[...]
Seems everyone’s got an opinion on gun control these days, and so do I. For what it’s worth, here’s [...]
Well, I finally did it. I didn’t think it would happen for a very long time, but I recently decided [...]
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