Last November I decided to try something I’ve heard a lot about lately. The Riverfront Arts Center h[...]
I am pretty excited. I just bought my very first pair of snow shoes! Now you might think, big deal, [...]
The things that inspire my column even leave me wondering sometimes. I’ll have a few ideas in mind a[...]
A few weeks ago at the end of a busy workday, I got a call from a friend who lives a few blocks away[...]
Winter took a break for a while last week, and we had some very non-December-like weather for a chan[...]
The holiday season’s a busy time. And the holidays don’t just happen on their own, we make them happ[...]
Sometimes when I’m out running errands, I notice things. And some of those things just don’t make an[...]
Interesting thing about November. This time of year, everything changes for me. I slow down a bit, t[...]
I am a lover of books. I have books almost everywhere you could possibly imagine, and perhaps some y[...]
Well, Halloween has come and gone, and you know what that means. It’s now officially Christmas seaso[...]
I think we’ve finally run out of nice weekends, folks. Last weekend was quite a lovely gift from Mot[...]
I don’t know if it’s the change in temperature or the change in daylight, or maybe it’s just me, but[...]
This past weekend I was invited to a home party. Now most of you menfolk out there might not have an[...]
The other day, an interesting thing happened while I was listening to my Spotify. For those of you u[...]
Fall has arrived, have you noticed? I know you’ve noticed the cooler weather, but have you noticed a[...]
And just like that, the summer was over. Like someone flipped a switch. Well, I did promise you that[...]
Last weekend I happened to be in the checkout line at Target when the clerk asked me if I was doing [...]
With all the stuff that’s been going on for me in the last few weeks, I think I need a nap. In fact,[...]
Sometimes, I think the universe has it in for me. I’m pretty sure it likes to drop things on me from[...]
A few weeks ago a friend of mine asked if I was “map-savvy.” My first response to that question was [...]