Glenn F. Schlice, 75, formerly of Stevens Point, died Monday, Nov. 29, 1999, in North Point, Fla. In[...]
Robert P. Schelke, 68, 819 Third St., died Sunday evening, Nov. 28, 1999, at St. Michael’s Hos[...]
Frank W. “Rocky” Rothrock, 88, Fremont, a Plover native, died Thursday, Nov. 11, 1999, a[...]
Philip Huntley Rothman, 89, a Stevens Point native, Newbury Park, Calif., died Tuesday, Nov. 23, 199[...]
Sarah A. “Sadie” Ring, 75, mother of a Custer man, died Thursday, Nov. 9, 1999, after a [...]
Heather Lee Rasmussen, 27, Embarrass, daughter of a Plover man, died Sunday morning, Nov. 7, 1999, a[...]
Wesley D. Powers, 45, town of Lanark, died Tuesday, Nov. 23, 1999, at home under the care of Hospice[...]
Mildred “Millie” Porter, 92, 3301 Jordan Lane, died Saturday, Nov. 27, 1999, at St. Mich[...]
The Rev. F. W. Paul, 96, father of a Stevens Point man and a former Stevens Point resident, died Wed[...]
Dr. Steve R. Osicka, 81, Wild Rose, who practiced medicine for 41 years in the communities of Amhers[...]
Cecilia F. Omernik, 84, 7383 Highway Z, Custer, (town of Sharon) died Saturday afternoon Nov. 13, 19[...]
Wayne M. Newman, 83, father of an Amherst man, died Monday, Nov. 22, 1999. He was born May 12, 1916,[...]
George J. Moen, 90, Waco, Texas, father of a Stevens Point man, died Sunday, Nov. 14, 1999, at a Wac[...]
Judith A. (Ackeret) Miskowic, 59, Claymont, Del., mother of a Plover man, died Tuesday, Nov. 9, 1999[...]
Margaret Mirr, 77, Bruce, mother of a Stevens Point woman, died Monday, Nov. 22, 1999, at home. Serv[...]
Richard Miller, 65, town of Lanark, died Monday, Nov. 22, 1999, at St. Elizabeth Hospital in Appleto[...]
Nicholas Leo Meronek, 73, 1574 Water St., died Sunday, Nov. 28, 1999, at home after being under the [...]
Raymond F. Lobner, 76, Auburndale, died Monday, Nov. 22, 1999, at St. Joseph’s House of the Do[...]
Col. John Waters Livingston, 83, Austin, Texas, an Almond native, died Friday Dec. 3, 1999. Gravesid[...]
Henry J. Lemanski, 85, 9723 County Road OO, Rosholt, died Saturday evening, Nov. 27, 1999, at St. Mi[...]