As you may or may not recall, No. 1 son now resides in the great state of Maine with his sweetheart [...]
Saturday, March 1, marks the first day of Wisconsin’s early catch-and-release trout season. The only[...]
There are three things that cure cabin fever – spring, embracing winter sports or drifting south for[...]
Thirty-some springs ago two friends and I loaded up our bird dogs and headed east to J & H Game [...]
I could have just waved goodbye. But Buster, my sidekick cocker spaniel, and I felt the urge to get [...]
Once again, an arctic blast swept in from the northwest and found our family watching active birds o[...]
Arctic blasts and owl irruptions in the news this past week caught my attention. It was like a scene[...]
The sky was blue. Our spirits were high. Buster laid by my side – as riding shotgun is his habit. We[...]
“Baby It’s Cold Outside.” When Frank Loesser wrote the lyrics to that song in 1944 little did he kno[...]
The old man sipped on his third cup of coffee and stared intently out the kitchen window. His bird d[...]
Here we are, smack dab in the middle of two of the grandest holidays of the year. By the time this c[...]
I traveled downstream this week to gather food for thought and for the table. A brown bag lunch semi[...]
I stand corrected. No. 1 son politely reminded me that our Christmas tree is a balsam fir, not a spr[...]
March can be brutal. Especially, when it arrives like a lion and goes out like a lion. But if the ol[...]
It’s now official. There are only three Wisconsin months – June, July and August – that I have not s[...]
I shot a coyote while deer hunting a long time ago. On the way to a deer stand on the edge of a bog [...]