I know I am not alone, but I for one love leather. Everything about leather – its smell, its feel, i[...]
We found ourselves welcoming in a new generation of wild ones along the creek and river valley durin[...]
The dog days of summer came early to our place along the creek last weekend, as we hosted a gun dog [...]
When fireflies begin dancing in the dark of a late June night, it follows that daylight will fetch a[...]
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Is there anything that keeps you from going outdoors? This time of the year penetrating the woods is[...]
I traveled west to neighboring Minnesota last week. Crossing the border at Hudson, I bridged over th[...]
It was a fine how-do-you-do. And it occurred when the chief of the United States Fish and Wildlfe Se[...]
We crossed the Mississippi at Dubuque and then headed west for another four hours. Our destination w[...]
The stage was set –  the performance about to begin. The curtain was lifted as lights dimmed and the[...]
Trout bite best when the white-throats sing. That is, according to legendary outdoor writer Gordon M[...]
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Has spring finally arrived? I believe so. I witnessed and heard final proof on Easter Sunday at our [...]
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As certain as death and taxes, my license to hunt and fish passed away at the end of last month. And[...]
The run is on! Walleye run that is. Up and down the Wisconsin River valley, fishermen and women are [...]
It’s that time of the year – when young and old hunters’ thoughts and dreams turn to spring turkey h[...]
Signs of spring? A pair of sparrows, hanging around the bluebird house. The steady “drip, drip, drip[...]
As you may or may not recall, No. 1 son now resides in the great state of Maine with his sweetheart [...]
Saturday, March 1, marks the first day of Wisconsin’s early catch-and-release trout season. The only[...]