Someday there will be a list of seven outdoor wonders of Wisconsin. I witnessed number five this pas[...]
This wasn’t your father’s annual Department of Natural Resources (DNR) spring fish and wildlife publ[...]
Ironically, the deadline for this week’s column fell on Election Day. That said, and with politician[...]
I went upstream this week – way up. Crossed the border at Marinette, followed the highway along Gree[...]
Ah, spring – when the hearts of many turn to … fishing! No sooner had the ice gone out – the shantie[...]
I stood in darkness on the back porch the other night while the dogs relieved themselves. As I strai[...]
Consider this week’s column a tribute to the sump pump. My family owes, in part, its existence along[...]
Was it a swan song I heard last week? No, I’m not talking about a honk from a migrating flock – but [...]
Late last week neighbor Jim declared, “I haven’t heard the cardinals sing yet.” His comment was on t[...]
Our flock of winter doves numbers 20-something. They come and go from our feeders throughout the day[...]
This week Wisconsin’s state budget process is in the news. It has put economics and the environment [...]
It was a trip down memory lane. The last day the ruffed grouse season and I returned to where it all[...]
I went back to school this week. Not exactly earth shaking news, but for this old timer who hasn’t t[...]
It’s the dead of winter and I find myself thinking of duck hunting. For the record, I was blind. Out[...]
Local television meteorologists show weather-related photos taken by viewers during their broadcasts[...]
I had a dream the other night. On perhaps one of this winter’s coldest nights I had a pleasant dream[...]
What a difference a year can make. A year ago, during late season ruffed grouse hunting, snow depths[...]
I learned a bit from No. 1 granddaughter this week. At the ripe old age of 23 months, her knowledge [...]
I’m in love. More precisely, I’m head over heels with the tree species Populus tremuloides. Commonly[...]
This week the boss and I cut down our Christmas tree along the creek. “You know, you and the boys al[...]