The question continues, why any average American doesn’t like any average modern farmer. Never mind [...]
At a farm conference a delicate subject came to the surface… “why doesn’t anybody like us.”  Us mean[...]
It has been a good summer for hay, if not necessarily a good summer for haying. The slight differenc[...]
I suspect most mothers following orthodoxy envision their boy children as Biblical characters. Perha[...]
I have previously confessed this crime, specifically to note I was born to Methodists. Methodists by[...]
Emergence is a word known to every farmer and gardener; the moment when the impulsive cotyledon rais[...]
A short list of famous noises: the electric guitar, the banjo, jet engine, the Harley Davidson at a [...]
My cousin Hazel saved what most people would not. Because they already read it, because it was broke[...]
When I am old I shall wear my shirts inside out, I shall wear my ties backward, my hat upside down, [...]
I read Ken Blomberg’s piece about the ongoing work of restoring the passenger pigeon using the now-k[...]
I can in the dark go to a book on my shelf. In the dark of middle night find this specific book, tha[...]
There are three things a person can do to become famous. They are, in order, assassinate the preside[...]
A friend sent some quotations about soil. Perhaps she was thinking that soil is my profession, where[...]
A news item described how Mexican drug smugglers had designed and built a catapult to launch bales o[...]
New York City artist Heather Dewey-Hagborg spied a hair lodged in a crack in the glass covering a pa[...]
April doesn’t have weather, April has attitude. As a child of that desperate kingdom of the potato, [...]
Cathy Dugan’s article in a Feb. 21 newspaper struck a chord, her concerns for the Business 51 projec[...]
Without further delay, the first Sports Illustrated (SI) Swimsuit edition test. And yes, it is an op[...]
As others golf, fish or hunt, play pool, throw darts, my alter ego is the woods. A short list: firew[...]
I listen regularly to public radio and Doctor Zorba, and to “The People’s Pharmacy” at 6 a.m. on Sun[...]