There are many Henrys in the American biography – Henry Hudson, Henry David Thoreau, Richard Henry D[...]
Sometimes “why” is a four-letter word. An epithet uttered at something so senseless we ought not hav[...]
Occasionally it happens in farming towns where one farmer questions the restrictions of the A-1 zoni[...]
His name was Henrick, Henrick Sebastian Kohl; his father was Henrick Emmanuel Karl Kohl. They lived [...]
It was called simply enough, the pageant, just that, the pageant. Everyone in the township knew what[...]
According to an AP wire story, the ingredients of the 12 days of Christmas lyric now cost $107,000. [...]
When I was in grade school, circa 1952-60, I owned the proud knowledge of the names of the planets i[...]
My father often said, a good farmer does not a good hunter make. The converse also being true, that [...]
Thanksgiving brought out the performance art in our mother. As if the holiday was set aside to prove[...]
The Boston School Forest, as it is now collectively known as, was once an 80-acre and decidedly sand[...]
Only us political Neanderthals bemoan the quadrennial quagmire as is the Presidential Pageant. We kn[...]
Forget zombies. Forget those anemic-looking ghouls. Forget erogenous zone Draculas. Forget stitched-[...]
The harvest is known to its practitioners as “combining,” an interesting and apt description. Combin[...]
I have a bet with my friend George. The bet is the Little Plover will not go dry this fall. He betti[...]
It is that certain political ideologies don’t want to use the term global warming because they’d rat[...]
SETI, the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, has fallen on hard times with current federal cu[...]
To love design is to own a farm shop. Agriculture since time immemorial has been of the “shop” menta[...]
I am an undiluted fan of porch noise, not to misuse here the word music. Once the porch was consider[...]
Awhile back the Catholic bishop of Melbourne announced that secular songs would no longer be tolerat[...]
“Houston, Tranquility Base here, the Eagle has landed.” That line heard 43 years ago on a fuzzy blac[...]