I can in the dark go to a book on my shelf. In the dark of middle night find this specific book, tha[...]
There are three things a person can do to become famous. They are, in order, assassinate the preside[...]
A friend sent some quotations about soil. Perhaps she was thinking that soil is my profession, where[...]
A news item described how Mexican drug smugglers had designed and built a catapult to launch bales o[...]
New York City artist Heather Dewey-Hagborg spied a hair lodged in a crack in the glass covering a pa[...]
April doesn’t have weather, April has attitude. As a child of that desperate kingdom of the potato, [...]
Cathy Dugan’s article in a Feb. 21 newspaper struck a chord, her concerns for the Business 51 projec[...]
Without further delay, the first Sports Illustrated (SI) Swimsuit edition test. And yes, it is an op[...]
As others golf, fish or hunt, play pool, throw darts, my alter ego is the woods. A short list: firew[...]
I listen regularly to public radio and Doctor Zorba, and to “The People’s Pharmacy” at 6 a.m. on Sun[...]
If there is one thing farmers know, it is the toolbox. In agricultural circles the toolbox is our le[...]
Catalogs. I hate ’em. Tool catalogs. I hate ’em. Professional grade tool catalogs, I really hate ’em[...]
Peter Higgs is a guy who as history goes may prove as famous as Julius Caesar or if you prefer anoth[...]
Cats die, that much is known. That they do not die easily is the shared suspicion. Nine lives being [...]
The ages have had their heartthrobs, women who marked their moment in history with the aura of the f[...]
By rights it should have been bulldozed. Farms are like this when old stuff gets in the way, when sh[...]
As a tractor-trained tenor I have noticed that opera, as well as cowboy songs, are vocally biased, t[...]
There are many Henrys in the American biography – Henry Hudson, Henry David Thoreau, Richard Henry D[...]
Sometimes “why” is a four-letter word. An epithet uttered at something so senseless we ought not hav[...]
Occasionally it happens in farming towns where one farmer questions the restrictions of the A-1 zoni[...]