Speed is an aphrodisiac … at the very least a really good stimulant … driving fast is a signal of pr[...]
Farmers, I think, are less born than occasioned, science yet to isolate the gene type predisposing t[...]
Farmers being of a cheapskate nature go to auctions regularly to see if they can find some dab of eq[...]
Wort is an Anglo-Saxon name, as such it is an old word, circa 1000 A.D. meaning “plant.” Wort to our[...]
To attempt wild wine is said to be the classic mark of a rural mentality, or in a more positive ligh[...]
Once upon a time, you didn’t drive a pickup truck unless you were a farmer or alternatively a livest[...]
A simple ritual it is, our evening walk down to the creek, before supper with the dogs and the chanc[...]
To remember it was once called the hand torch. I was a Boy Scout in a Boy Scout age, when kids, at l[...]
You can calculate speed from the frequency change in the sound. Jap motorcycles are like that, not g[...]
Following Shakespeare’s line … to sample or not to sample, that is the question. Farmers are evenly [...]
The Perseid Shower is the debris trail of Swift/Tuttle that last passed through the inner solar syst[...]
Oddly enough, haying has been as popular a subject for poets the same as love, flowers and sunsets. [...]
As to baseball, what I remember was a different game, when pitchers went nine innings unless their a[...]
To Google: “How to make a pressure cooker bomb,” for the record Wikipedia appeared first with the fo[...]
As I was saying… I was sitting in the back of the room during this research convocation when that od[...]
The question continues, why any average American doesn’t like any average modern farmer. Never mind [...]
At a farm conference a delicate subject came to the surface… “why doesn’t anybody like us.”  Us mean[...]
It has been a good summer for hay, if not necessarily a good summer for haying. The slight differenc[...]
I suspect most mothers following orthodoxy envision their boy children as Biblical characters. Perha[...]
I have previously confessed this crime, specifically to note I was born to Methodists. Methodists by[...]