The universe has six magical aromas, just six, only six: perfume is first preferably on women, follo[...]
On this February morning the jays are noisy at the feeder. As there are the canonical hours at the m[...]
Few ordeals are so exquisite in cold weather as trying to romance a female at minus-20 degrees. More[...]
I dare you to make a list. A list of human rights starting with the most important trailing off at t[...]
Cold weather stories have a certain pedigree shared with the Burlington Liars Club. Something to col[...]
Some day when genetic modification becomes our personal option, I am looking forward to an accessory[...]
Frank’s Hill is a short quarter-mile north off Highway 60 west of Muscoda. Frank, the namesake of Fr[...]
A lot of books, how-to guides, outdoor journals get written about … firewood. How to build a fire, h[...]
The black chair was at my grandmother’s house I first saw it. This now to describe the family gather[...]
Only a grinch grades Christmas cards. Grade Christmas cards same as we might grade milk, grade algeb[...]
The foods we eat and love are about surrender, at times unconditional surrender … that is how potato[...]
Nine days. Not even Christmas lasts nine days (discounting shopping as lasts 30 to 364 days). I am d[...]
Subtract the impoliteness of the sentiment, DOOM is pretty to look at. Of the visions of cataclysm D[...]
George Rogers occasionally related that he thought I wrote too long, stick with 500 words and you’ll[...]
Resurrection has a history of being an uncertain science. Ben Nowak, a molecular biologist with the [...]
Speed is an aphrodisiac … at the very least a really good stimulant … driving fast is a signal of pr[...]
Farmers, I think, are less born than occasioned, science yet to isolate the gene type predisposing t[...]
Farmers being of a cheapskate nature go to auctions regularly to see if they can find some dab of eq[...]
Wort is an Anglo-Saxon name, as such it is an old word, circa 1000 A.D. meaning “plant.” Wort to our[...]
To attempt wild wine is said to be the classic mark of a rural mentality, or in a more positive ligh[...]