The source is late night, BBC. Not that listening to the radio is any cure for sleeplessness, it is [...]
The article was titled “Global Decline in Large Old Trees” … AAAS, Science, Dec. 7, 2012. It is that[...]
Yutu … a Chinese word … references a thousand-year-old folk tale of a rabbit who went to the moon vi[...]
Investment funds to include: multi-nationals, mutual funds, teachers’ unions, pension funds, univers[...]
My mama, as her mama, had certain folk attachments when it came to cooking and kitchen sayings. Pota[...]
As the child of the ardent kind of woodsmen and sawyers, I was early-on imbued with a certain worshi[...]
Among old farmers it’s called pie plant not rhubarb. Seemingly, a statutory requirement for every ho[...]
My grandfather tended a daily journal the same as he tended his evening kye, his plow, his morning f[...]
Proctor and Gamble, the long-time patent-holder of Tide, the clothes detergent announced a price-com[...]
A recent incident details the lack of empathy of the grower community in the face of the groundwater[...]
During the Winter Olympics in Russia, a story floated around the web detailing with some mirth a dou[...]
My wife is reading “A More Perfect Heaven, the Life of Copernicus.” When we were kids in school we w[...]
Every spring it happens, that cold rainy day mixed with snow flurries. It isn’t to say I don’t have [...]
To say there is a controversy is too dramatic. What, after all, is controversial about maple sugarin[...]
Garrison Keillor made the observation that, except for the Bible, the true nature of story-telling i[...]
Farm towns acquire certain legends, in turn farm towns become equipped with characters who are thems[...]
The annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition (SSE) quiz with answers – were you paying attention. [...]
Plastic guns “printed” out by souped-up photocopiers made headlines recently, that with a little cod[...]
Been cool lately. To admit I don’t use the word cold for sake of dignity and a certain northern cock[...]
Of the historically great inventions of mankind, a short list is possible. First are fire and sharp [...]