The unfortunate thing about climate change is its translation to a political discussion, never mind [...]
I drive to Lake Superior the back way, rather than the passing lane that is U.S. 51, which cheats th[...]
To establish first principles, does a farmer have the right to use the water on his land? To hazard [...]
Ingrid Burke of the University of Wyoming, in a letter to the Academy of Science, offered this lamen[...]
I subscribe to Sports Illustrated, never mind the things I believe are sports they don’t cover in th[...]
I wasn’t the only Boy Scout to attempt an igloo. It seems like there was a merit badge involved, lik[...]
The fans of Mister Mark Twain hold Mark Twain ought have stood for the presidency, if for no other r[...]
The farmhouse of my youth did not have a fireplace, instead what convened and guarded us was an over[...]
Modern children have it easy at Christmas. The modern version of Santa arrives as that jolly old sou[...]
The hymn was one we sang in church, page 23 in the old black Methodist hymnal, “Come Thou font of ev[...]
A friend died, it is the role of an adult to know such things can happen. Yet a certain speechlessne[...]
Deer stands were once an illegal adjunct to the hunt, same as a crossbow. Once bow hunting was rare;[...]
It is the unfair fate of turkeys to be called Tom. Not terribly original name is Tom. To think a tur[...]
It is illegal to raise a wild deer, same goes for raccoon, crow, starling, blue jay and fox. There a[...]
To list the native trees of Wisconsin is a common recitation for any 4-H member or Boy Scouts: white[...]
The Haralson is an apple and comes with the definite article attached same as the Pope, the King Jam[...]
We know the seasons; spring, summer, fall, winter, at least some of us do. If you’re from Florida or[...]
The winter of 2013-14 reinforced our vested interest in being warm. Were a plebiscite taken some Sat[...]
Birds sing; mockingbirds, sandhills and robins sing … a bird as doesn’t sing is risking excommunicat[...]
Corn is the most important crop in the world … an audacious statement, if only to confirm … Hiawatha[...]