Iwo Jima at 70 years … that strange, enigmatic, specter-like word hangs over my family and the force[...]
A friend sent an obituary that appeared in the Door Advocate for one Lilly Velk. I did not know Ms. [...]
When I was a farmkid, Opening Day of trout season began at midnight. Why midnight I don’t know, to s[...]
I came across a photo of Aldo Leopold circa 1930 … posing with extension agents and soil researchers[...]
Earth Day … for each of us, Earth Day has a different center and beginning, those elements that repr[...]
As kids, we gathered watercress at the creek for sandwiches, mayonnaise, baloney and watercress on w[...]
Northern spring comes with interludes the same as Beethoven orchestrates with interludes. A northern[...]
There are things they don’t teach in school, which is probably why the pornography industry exists. [...]
We … most of us, know what it’s like to be the fish in the barrel; to be those ants on the mound; th[...]
So we’re talking, number two and I, talking about sugaring. Seems we recently discovered a grove of [...]
March fourteenth, two thousand fifteen is pie day … an apple, a pear, a plum, a cherry, anything to [...]
A farmkid comes of age by an alternate route than does the average kid. I remember classroom discuss[...]
Sotheby’s in London recently sold a gilt copper plaque measuring 6.5 by 5.5 inches, about six ounces[...]
The annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition (SSE) quiz with answers – were you paying attention. [...]
The unfortunate thing about climate change is its translation to a political discussion, never mind [...]
I drive to Lake Superior the back way, rather than the passing lane that is U.S. 51, which cheats th[...]
To establish first principles, does a farmer have the right to use the water on his land? To hazard [...]
Ingrid Burke of the University of Wyoming, in a letter to the Academy of Science, offered this lamen[...]
I subscribe to Sports Illustrated, never mind the things I believe are sports they don’t cover in th[...]
I wasn’t the only Boy Scout to attempt an igloo. It seems like there was a merit badge involved, lik[...]