When I moved to the Stevens Point area 50 years ago this month, the No. 1 song here was “Sugar Shack[...]
It was 50 years ago on Oct. 5 that I moved to the Stevens Point area. I’m still here. It wasn’t supp[...]
Most of us are aware of family squabbles that can occur after the death of a patriarch or his spouse[...]
You just spent $150,000 for two giraffes. If you did that, people would say you were: a) drunk, b) o[...]
What part of the government’s ban on taking guns on airplanes don’t some people understand? Screener[...]
Not long ago, the U. S. Postal Service (USPS) marked the 50th anniversary of the ZIP Code. I didn’t [...]
I came upon a Reuters news article about the menu at a California “bugfest” earlier this year. Tempu[...]
On our honeymoon 45 years ago, Martha and I flew from Milwaukee to Ft. Lauderdale on Northwest Airli[...]
I’ve come up with a few icebreakers to get the conversation started when you’re with a group of unfa[...]
I’m not one to bash the idea of National Parks, because they are American gems. I’ve visited many of[...]
“Thou shalt not steal.” I learned that Commandment early in life, and have tried to follow it. But s[...]
If you read this space with any regularity, you probably noticed that I’ve addressed television topi[...]
Ah, the Summer of ’63. It’s hard to believe that was a half-century ago. It was the time when I got [...]
Last week, the Vatican announced two recent popes would become saints later this year. After the chu[...]
Several readers have told me they like columns on our travels, so I hope this fills the bill for the[...]
For this column, I’ve chosen several items to present for your consideration. A few years ago, I wro[...]
Question: What’s the most likely thing to go wrong at a broadcasters’ convention? Answer: The microp[...]
A while back, I turned off the TV set after putting it on to see what the latest headlines were. I f[...]
All of us have complained about TV – loud commercials, repetitive commercials, babbling air talent, [...]
For whatever reason, we haven’t conditioned ourselves to think of Wisconsin as a wine-producing stat[...]