We keep getting ahead of ourselves. A radio station in Louisville, Ky., began playing nothing but Ch[...]
A while back, I used this space to offer some thoughts on the Top 10 Classical compositions. If you [...]
In her column in last week’s Gazette, Paula O’Kray detailed some of the items from holiday cat[...]
I was going through a stack of old papers recently that contained news items I’d clipped over the pa[...]
There’s a restaurant in Pensacola, Fl., – McGuire’s Irish Pub – that has $1 bills stapled to the wal[...]
We have 26 letters in our alphabet. So do the Germans, but that doesn’t count umlauts. The Greeks ha[...]
We returned from a 10-day trip to Kentucky and Alabama last week – and one of the highlights was a 1[...]
I got back on track recently, and started sorting through boxes of “stuff” that somehow invaded my h[...]
Facts fill the world. By their nature, facts are true items. The dictionary described facts this way[...]
The late Pat Shanahan and I met in a class at Marquette University. The year was 1960. Pat had been [...]
Not long ago, I addressed the subject of political correctness. I figured the column would bring dea[...]
I hate to throw cold water on weddings, which are usually a joyous occasion. But they’ve gotten too [...]
The cutest thing I came across this past week was an item in Linn’s Stamp News telling of an upcomin[...]
We’re coming to that depressing time of year – when darkness overshadows daylight. I’ve always disli[...]
  The late George Rogers was a humble, generous man and our community would be much poorer were[...]
Not long ago, friends and acquaintances gathered to honor Bob and Mary Williams, and … “The Green Ch[...]
Do you ever rub shoulders with a millionaire? You probably do, and don’t even realize it. The person[...]
In just a week-and-a-half, Portage County will play host to perhaps 75,000 visitors over a three-day[...]
I spotted a news item recently announcing that FOX had pulled the plug on production of a new realit[...]
When I was young, there weren’t many people in my life who achieved the age of 80. There were a few,[...]