When I was a youngster 70 years ago, a Dick Tracy watch was something just for comic books. Who woul[...]
A gold-plated toaster? Sure, why not? The luxury market offers mundane household items that are re-e[...]
Around here, most call it “polka music.” Some brand it as “old time music.” Whatever you call it, it[...]
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“I ain’t got no …” “I seen …” “Youse …” As a youngster, my parents were quick to correct me if I spo[...]
Do you think the day will ever come when you can choose only the cable channels you want? So far, co[...]
You shouldn’t visit the Alabama Gulf Coast without purchasing peanuts and pecans. Both are products [...]
It’s been a while since we’ve traveled, so to reward ourselves for enduring a cold winter, Martha an[...]
Humans are at the top of the animal kingdom, so we rule the roost. But those below us on the chain h[...]
You want facts? I’ve got facts. Lots of them. I’ve been saving them up, just for you! Chew on this: [...]
Writing headlines for newspapers take some special talent. The good headline writer reads the story [...]
My sister swears she’s a “night person.” I think I was one, too – but that was long ago when I was i[...]
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Somebody with not enough to do has scoured the Census Bureau files to find out which are the tiniest[...]
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Almost without fail, we can depend on the news media to provide stories of strange and unusual topic[...]
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The Aviation Safety Network (ASN) sends me emails whenever there’s a commercial airplane crash anywh[...]