Two Portage County residents were involved in the capture of Jefferson Davis, the president of the C[...]
The team Dad’s Computers won its third straight WWSP 90FM Trivia Contest, capturing the 2015 contest[...]
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Residents who disagree with the proposed $6.4 million in budget cuts at the University of Wisconsin-[...]
Frame Memorial Presbyterian Church in Stevens Point will observe its 150th anniversary Sunday, Jan. [...]
A Stevens Point man has written a book about Wisconsin citizen activists working to ban the pesticid[...]
The weather forecast for Veterans Day, Tuesday, Nov. 11, was ominous, with large amounts of snow pos[...]
The United Way of Portage County set another record Wednesday, Dec. 3, raising $2,819,344 in pledges[...]
Gary Wescott, mayor of Stevens Point from 1995 to 2007, is back in the office, serving as interim ma[...]
Merchants in the Stevens Point-Plover area say there are some signs improvements are taking place in[...]
Stevens Point is far behind on housing starts that will be needed to accommodate the 1,000 new jobs [...]
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The Stevens Point Board of Education heard another complaint about personnel situations in the schoo[...]
A Stevens Point man became a prisoner of war in World War II after his plane was shot down in a bomb[...]
The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund (VVMF) is attempting to locate a photo of all 58,286 soldiers lis[...]
Richard Schneider has left a lasting impact on Stevens Point that should be enjoyed by many generati[...]
The team Dad’s Computers: Never Say Die captured the 2014 WWSP 90FM Trivia Contest, “Trivia 45: Triv[...]
Residents in the Portage County area may experience some unexpected volumes of traffic on their stre[...]
A race for the Stevens Point Area Board of Education drew the largest amount of votes in the spring [...]
The Tuesday, April 1, election will feature a number of contested races, including ones for several [...]